How to setup a DanDomain webshop

5 minutes read

Having af DanDomain webshop and want to set it up with Feedr? It's easy!

First of all you have to login to your Feedr account. Then press “Stores” and then click on the DanDomain logo. Now you have to follow our step by step guide below:

Fill out your store name and webshop URL

Store name can be whatever you want, but give it a name so that you know which shop it is.

Webshop url should be the url to your shop frontpage. Ex:

Find your feed URL

The only way you can integrate Feedr and Dandomain is to use the standard Google Shopping feed, that you can find, by going to your store admin and find your feed, by clicking "Indstillinger" -> "Shopindstillinger" -> "Tracking og feeds": Dandomain feed url

Generate the Shopping feed url

Now you have to generate the Google Shopping feed url. To generate the feed url, you have to fill out the "Google produktfeed nøgle" with something that you want - you can ex. call it "feedr" and then press "Gem": Dandomain feed url

Now you can copy the feed URL to Feedr.

Insert your feed url

Now you can easily insert your Google Shopping Feed url in Feedr under "Feed URL".

Currency, Language, Metrix

Now you have to set the currency, language and metrix, so that they fit your DanDomain store.

Then click “Create store”.

Now Feedr would validate the data and begin to get all the products into the system. When it’s finish, you can see all the products in Feedr.