How to setup a Wordpress Woocommerce webshop

5 minutes read

This guide will take you through the setup for a Wordpress Woocommerce webshop.

First of all you have to login to your Feedr account. Then press “Projects” and then click on the Woocommerce logo. Now you have to follow our step by step guide below:

1) Fill out your project name and webshop URL

Project name can be whatever you want, but give it a name so that you know which shop it is.

Webshop url should be the url to your shop frontpage. Ex:

2) Create an API key

Now you have to create an API key, so that Feedr can import all your products.

To create an API key go to you Woocommerce admin -> press 'WooCommerce' on the left sidebar -> Press 'Settings' -> Press 'API'

Now you have to make sure, that your REST API is enabled at your store:

Make sure, that the box is checked. Now you have to click 'Keys/Apps' in the top menu. Now click 'Add key':

Now you have to fill out 3 fields:

Description: You can call it whatever you want. Ex. 'Feedr'

User: Those the user that you want should be the owner of this API

Permissions: This is the most important field. We need 'Read/Write' permissions to read changes in your products and create webhooks for the integration.

Now click "Generate API key"

3) Paste the information to Feedr

Now you get a 'consumer key' and a 'consumer secret'.

Copy/past those information into the matching fields in Feedr.

4) Currency, Language, Metrix

Now you have to set the currency, language and metrix, so that they fit your Woocommerce store.

Then click “Create project”.

Now Feedr would validate the data and begin to get all the products into the system. When it’s finish, you can see all the products in Feedr.