Welcome to Feedr! This guide will help new users to get the best start with Feedr and help you to get the most out of your subscription!

This guide will take you through the following steps:

  1. Add your first product source
  2. Add a feed
  3. Category mapping
  4. Product filters
  5. Theme editor

Add your webshop

Before you can start using Feedr, you need to add your webshop to our system. The setup of your webshop depends on the ecommerce platform that you are using.


Add a feed

When your product source is added you can easily add a feed. 

To add a feed go to: Projects -> Choose your project -> Click the button "Add feed" and choose which feed you want to add.

After the feed is Added you can easily under your project see the feed-url. Give that URL to the system where they ask for it.

Category mapping

Category mapping is one of our key features. With Feedr you can optimize your product feed with the category mapping feature.

This feature appears in your feed settings which you can find by clicking the blue edit button:


Now you have to scroll down until you see the headline "Categories".

This feature doesn't work on all sales channels. It depends on the sales channel - if they need it or not.

With the category mapping you can map up your own product categories to the sales channel categories. This feature will help the sales channel to understand your products and give you the best listings.

Product filters

Theme editor