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How to setup a Woocommerce webshop

This article guides you through the setup process for a Woocommerce webshop. The article will cover the two steps required to create a store using our Woocommerce Integration. When using our Woocommerce Integration, we'll fetch products through the built-in API Woocommerce comes with out of the box.

Get started with Dynamic Texts

This guide will help you get started with Dynamic Texts. It'll explain the basic idea behind Dynamic Texts and where to use them and when. It'll also cover some of the benefits of using and help you understand the reason for using Dynamic Texts.

Dynamic Texts - Overview

Dynamic Texts is one of our more advanced features for companies and agencies who wants to write dynamic and flexible content without the hassle of editing every single product and keeping each product maintained. Dynamic Texts let you modify product content regardless of scale.

How to setup a DanDomain webshop

This guide will take you through the setup steps for a DanDomain webshop. Read the guide and get started with Feedr for your DanDomain webshop today.

How to setup a Shopify webshop

Need help to setup your Shopify to Feedr? This guide will help you to setup your Shopify shop correctly.

Billing - Understand our billing model

Feedr is a subscription based software service. Our service runs on a recurring billing model instead of a one-time purchase. This means, that our customers have to pay on a recurring basic to continue using our services. Such model is referred to as a subscription and can run on different billing cycle intervals i.e. monthly and yearly. Depending upon the amount of webshops, products, feeds, etc. we offer a wide range of plans suited to fit your needs at the lowest possible price.